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Some of my favourite statistics

  • 25,400 - The number of applications Gravity Payments received for 72 jobs in 2021 after increasing their minimum wage to US$70k and introducing paid parental leave, full health care benefits, paid time off, and allowing everyone to work remotely.

  • +40% - The amount employee engagement increased at Perpetual Guardian after introducing an 8-week trial of a four-day work week on full pay. They later made it permanent (duh).

  • 95% - The percent of people that responded "Yes" when asked by a Shit You Should Care About (SYSCA) post “I would prefer to work for an organisation that publishes it’s pay gaps”. The poll received over 36,000 votes. SYSCA's demographic is mostly Gen Z women.

  • -35% - The amount attrition rates dropped by after introduced hybrid working, improving self-reported work satisfaction scores, with no negative impact on performance ratings or promotions. This was verified by a Stanford University Study.

  • 37% higher - The amount of sales organisations with happier employees had on average according to a Harvard Business Review study. They also had an average 31% higher productivity, and creativity was three times higher.

  • 38% - The percent of employees who felt they were more productive while working from home in a 2020 University of Otago study.

  • 72% - The percent of youth (13-17 years) that said it was important that their future employer is socially and environmentally responsible in a Colmar Brunton Better Futures report.

  • 80% - The percent of the gender pay gap that is "unexplained" found in a 2017 AUT study. The NZ Ministry for Women defines the unexplained portion of the gap as unconscious and conscious bias, and differences in behaviours and choices between men and women.

Convinced yet?

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