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Everything you need to know about being a progressive employer of choice

Brought to you by Stephanie Love, Founder of Love HR

By becoming a Premium HR Changemakers Hub member, you will receive:


Why join the HR Changemakers Hub as a premium member:

  • Learn first-hand the latest trends in international employee experience

  • Gain access to a back catalogue of tools and resources to support enhancing the employee experience

  • Connect with and learn from other like-minded HR and EX professionals 

  • Receive tailored solutions to your biggest people challenges

  • Become an employer of choice through people first attraction and retention strategies

  • Hear directly from EX leaders in all kinds of specialisations

  • Receive exclusive discounts on a range of HR service providers

Why join now?

  • Expectations of work have changed, particularly among Gen Z, and there are actions organisation can take to meet those expectations that don't have to be expensive, lengthy implementation processes or complex

  • The war for talent is stronger and attracting and retaining talent is more difficult than ever

  • COVID has given people the opportunity to reflect on what is most important to them and are no longer willing to accept workplace practices that do not support their mental health and lifestyle 

  • The cost of living increase has meant people are evaluating their current remuneration packages to counteract the increase in inflation

  • Research has shown that consumers are making decisions from ethical standpoints more regularly and therefore want to understand the employee experience before purchasing products / services from an organisation

  • Candidates are choosing to work for organisations with a better employee experience when provided with multiple offers

  • Relying on remuneration only as a strategy is a short-term fix and won't sustain the organisation in the long-term


The monthly subscription fee to join the HR Changemakers Hub is NZ$155 + GST (total $178.25). 

Join, cancel or put your membership on hold at any time. There is no minimum sign-up period obligation. *Note there is a minimum 12-month membership to be eligible for the HR Changemakers Festival tickets. 

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