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NZ Election 2023: Stance on Equal Pay

If, like me, you are passionate about equal pay, you may be interested to know what would happen with equal pay if any of the major parties were elected ahead of the 2023 general election. To aid understanding of commitments, I’ve ranked each of them out of 10.

Greens: 8/10 – worked on the Fair Pay Agreements, committed to introducing pay transparency requirements, including gender and ethnic pay gap reporting. Further information needed to understand rights when it comes to pay equity claims and pay parity.

Labour: 7/10 – introduced Fair Pay Agreements, the Equal Pay Amendment Act 2020, pay parity funding, and committed to introducing mandatory pay gap reporting. Currently pay gap reporting doesn’t include ethnic pay gaps and intersectionality.

Te Pāti Māori: 4/10 – have guaranteed pay equity for māori nurses and teachers. No other equal pay commitments.

National: 0/10 - Would repeal Fair Pay Agreements. No other stance on equal pay published.

ACT: 0/10 – Have actively launched a petition against Fair Pay Agreements. Is more concerned with pay gap with Australia than internal pay gaps.

Source: Google.

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