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How about a 3-day weekend every fortnight?

In this week’s progressive practice, we share about a progressive NZ organisation who is challenging the work-week status quo for it’s 300+ employees.

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I don’t know about you but I am loving these 3-day weekends. With the holiday break now over, it’s easier to settle back into mahi knowing you have a couple of long weekends coming up. We’ve had Wellington and Nelson Anniversary on the 22nd January, Auckland Anniversary coming on the 29th January and there’s Waitangi Day on the 6th of February. If you’re also taking Monday the 5th off, then that’s a 4-day weekend – even better!

But one New Zealand organisation is taking it one step further, and is trialling what it would mean for their 300+ employees nationally to have a 9-day fortnight, but still retain 100% of their pay.

Accounting firm Grant Thornton started the trial on the 1st of January, following a 6-month trial in it’s Australian firm in March last year, which is still in place almost a year later.

Last year I had the pleasure of hearing Charlotte Lockhart of 4-Day Week Global speak at the HR Changemakers Festival, and learning that when we give people back one day a week, paying them for the full week, when they do come to work they are more productive as that extra day is often spent on wellbeing, getting ahead of household responsibilities, professional development and rest – all things that support productive time at work.

It would seem that Grant Thornton have also come to this realisation.

Russell Moore, national managing partner said “Our people will benefit from the extra time to pursue hobbies, catch up on personal admin, or to simply decompress and recharge. It also aligns with our progressive family workplace policies including flexible working and our industry-leading parental leave policy.”

I will be keeping a close eye on the results of the trial but would be surprised if they decided to go back.

What would you do if you had an extra day back every fortnight to do what you please, but still get paid your full salary? I’d love to know! I would definitely be spending more time traveling!

Read the full article here.

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